Fuel Injector cleaning by post using the ASNU system Fuel Injector cleaning by post using the ASNU system
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Upon receipt of injectors they are carefully unpacked, examined for any exterior damage. The body is cleaned to remove dirt and debris. With having the latest high specification version we have the ability to service injectors from standard to high performance.  
Please Note: We do not service Diesel Injectors

Standard Service
Micro filter, O ring seals and pintle caps are removed if able to be replaced / renewed.
Check that all the injectors share the same part number.
Check that each injector has the same coil resistance.
Injectors mounted on the flow bench and a leak test performed.
30 seconds at up to 5 bar pressure with the injectors closed.
Flow rate testing at either 2 or 3 bar pressure. 50% duty cycle for 30 seconds.
Check spray patterns in a static (wide open) mode.
Check spray patterns in dynamic (pulsed) mode at a set open duration and speed.
Injectors are placed into the ultra-sonic cleaning tank for a minimum of
30 minutes. During this time the injectors are also electrically pulsed.
Leak, Flow test and Spray pattern checks are re performed.
Filters, O rings and pintle caps that were removed are renewed if available / stocked.
Injectors placed in numbered bags and a standard report issued.

We only require the injectors - Please do NOT send us the fuel rail.
Please click on the link below to display and then print out the Cleaning Order Form.

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Flow measurement  shows imbalance
Poor spray pattern give bad atomization
Cleaning the injectors in the ultrasonic bath


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