Fuel Injector cleaning by post using the ASNU system Fuel Injector cleaning by post using the ASNU system
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Cleaning by Post

With over 30 years of working in Injector testing and Ultrasonic Cleaning, we are one of the most experienced users of the ASNU system in the UK. We are pleased to be able to offer the testing and cleaning of electric petrol (not diesel) injectors by Post.

Bosch K type injectors do not respond to cleaning owing to the fact that they cannot be pulsed during the cleaning process. Also, as they work continually at a much higher fuel pressure they are prone to wear related problems. With a life expectancy of around 100,000 miles we recommend that mechanical injectors are replaced rather than cleaned.

Currently we are offering a postal service for both rail and hose mounted Top Feed injectors as illustrated on our Top Feed Injectors page. The side feed injectors as shown on the
Side Feed Injectors page. The range of GDI injectors illustrated on the GDI Injectors page and the SPI injectors illustrated on the SPI Injectors page.

The cost of Flow Testing, Ultrasonic Cleaning and Reflow Testing of Rail Mounted injectors is £12.50 each. Hose mounted Injectors £16.00 each. Side feed injectors £18.00 each. GDII injectors £25.00 each. SPI injectors £25.00 each.

Please leave all seals and filters in place on Side feed, GDI and SPI injectors. We also recomment that top feed injectors are sent complete so we can check filter, seal types and pintle caps for availability.

If you wish to have the injectors returned via Royal Mail Special Delivery then please indicate this when ordering. An additional charge of £8.95 will be added for this. It is recommended that this option is used, as it provides both additional security and compensation up to the value of £500 in the event of loss.

The process we follow, is to do an initial flow test, recording the flow rates, spray patterns and possible leakage. The filter baskets and seals are removed and were possible the pintle caps are removed. The injectors are then placed in the Ultrasonic Bath where they are cleaned and pulsed at the same time. Ultrasonic Cleaning can be likened to sand blasting with air. A very safe and effective procedure. As the injectors are being pulsed at the same time, then cleaning is not limited to just the exterior of the injector. After cleaning the injectors are re-flow tested. Cleaning is repeated if any injector is still showing a low flow rate, poor spray pattern or leaking under pressure. Any units that will not respond to cleaning are packed separately.

After cleaning and checking, the injectors are rebuilt with new filter baskets, seals and pintle caps (assuming available ex stock). Hose mounted injectors are fitted with new hoses. The injectors will be returned, securely packed, via the carriage method you choose. A report will be enclosed showing the before and after results together with an indication of the parts fitted. We will endeavour to return your injectors within 24 hours of us receiving them (Mon - Friday).

We do not recommend that you have the injectors cleaned months before you are going to use them. It is possible that after a long time interval the injectors may stick closed. We will always try to help in freeing them off but this involves unnecessary delays and postal costs.

We only require the injectors - Please do NOT send us the fuel rail.
Please click on the link below to display and then print out the Cleaning Order Form.

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Flow measurement  shows imbalance
Poor spray pattern give bad atomization
Cleaning the injectors in the ultrasonic bath
All injectors flow equal amounts to give balanced fuel distribution
Good spray pattern for maximum atomisation

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